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Alycia gives confidence and understanding to both horse and rider using very easy to follow methods


Classic Goldrush was bred in the rodeo at the top of New Zealand and grew up on very steep hill country. Goldrush was quite difficult to handle and was gelded young because of this. He was briefly broken in as a 4 year old and then left untouched until he was 7 when I got asked to sell him on behalf of

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Alycia Burton is an expert when spotting potential in the horses she takes on. She has an uncanny ability to see what others don’t or can’t. Horses that have been thrown away, beaten, broken and abused arrive on her property.

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This Stallion is the latest edition to Classic Performance Horses Ltd. He has superb breeding, colouring and a temperament to match. He has just been broken in bareback and has already started Free Riding. This Stallion will match the ability of Goldrush.

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Alycia Burton Classic Goldrush

The much anticipated Free Riding NZ DVD is finally here!!! This DVD shows how Free Riding came about, has a whole lot of never before seen extreme jumping and a full instructional segment that teaches you how to Free Ride on your own horse! This is cheaper then the price of a lesson and has well over 1hour of footage and easy to follow tutorials. We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it!

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3rd Degree - Good Morning - Seven Sharp

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Watch Alycia Burton Freeriding around New Zealand. DVD preview and the orginal Freeriding video

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GIVEAWAY TIME!! We are giving away 5 TRAINING DVDS! for the month of September

"Jumping Made Easy- With Alycia Burton"


Would you like to gain confidence and start seeing better results?
Join Alycia on her NEW DVD as she shares the secrets to her success!

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EPIC FOOTAGE EASY TO UNDERSTAND PROVEN RESULTS Join Alycia while she shares her proven methods on how to jump correctly from the start. This DVD is for both ...

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Syrine SeraphimaDone... Am looking at rescuing and working with horses to bring back their trust.1 hour ago
Shania BestDone were can you get it if you don't get it in the give a way ?? 😍2 hours ago
Nikki d'Aïn El Turckdone from Cape Town, South Africa, thank you !2 hours ago   ·  2
Brodie BoticaDone 😄2 hours ago
Lara AndersonDone :)1 hour ago
Rachael Leigh BannisterDone! 😁2 hours ago
Christina ArnoldAlready ordered mine! ;) Can't wait for it to arrive!2 hours ago
Carol Vernal#ALYCIABURTON2 hours ago
Amanda Russell#ALYCIABURTON2 hours ago
Cathy NolanShared32 minutes ago
May DafnaiDone 😊1 hour ago
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Jo WardDone thank you2 hours ago
Rachel-Dean Power#ALYCIABURTON2 hours ago
Fleur KuipersDone #ALYCIABURTON1 hour ago
Olga WalczakI love you Alycia48 minutes ago
Marta Hewusz😍2 hours ago
Amy LouiseShared too30 minutes ago
Amy Louise#ALYCIABURTON30 minutes ago
Tayla CrangDone2 hours ago

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There are 2 lesson spaces left this weekend in Dunedin - I am down teaching this Friday- Sat and Sunday. For bookings email or text 0212645899 ... See MoreSee Less

When was the last time you asked your horse what THEY love doing rather then only focusing on your own goals?

Better yet... when was the last time you did it with them?

Can I encourage you this week to get out of the arena and spend time with your horse doing something that is purely for their enjoyment? (yes will find you probably enjoy it too!!)

I know Goldrush LOVES hacking and going to the beach... this is when he is his happiest and most full of life... and that fact alone brings me joy

Photo from when we were filming the latest DVD available from my website- "Jumping Made Easy- With Alycia Burton"
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Devon Claire McLaughlinI'd love to try a beach ride! But our steady stallion Alex turns into a hippo if you get him near water. He starts splashing around in it and then, he's gotta roll, totally forgetting about the rider on his back! I'm not sure I could get him to go in deep enough to swim he'd be so preoccupied with a wet roll!1 week ago
Colleen VirgilioBeautiful! I love this!1 week ago
Judith JamesVery well said Over the years i used to swim my horses at the beach and to top it off let them roll in the soft sand Which the enjoyed immensely1 week ago
Pat WalshIve always wanted to ride a horse on the beach1 week ago
Quirine Q de Kokmy horses love the beach, running as fast as they can1 week ago
Didier Guebels GuebelsNice picture!1 week ago
Bahadur Singh DhammuHa ha ha Enjoyment1 week ago
Barbara BrönnimannMine just goes into the lake to please ME. He doesnt like it, does it for me. Interesting hoe different horses are!1 week ago

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Alycia Burton Horse Schooling - Spaces available from October onwards....

Based in Christchurch- only $45 per day!

Do you need to sell your horse?

Do you have a horse that knocks rails, lacks confidence, naps, is lazy, is too hot, stops at fences or has a problem that you would love fixed?

Alycia offers results guaranteed OR your money back!

All ages and abilities welcome along with problem horses.

The cost is $45 per day (Half the price of a lesson).

Your horse will be worked with every day, you will be given updates and this also covers grazing.

There are so many people who are sending their horses away for schooling but they are not getting the results they expected... OR the horse is there for 2 months and they have hardly been worked... OR they are told 2 months later that their horse is not fixable.

I allow the owners on the property at any time and you are welcome to come watch sessions of your horse being worked.

You can be guaranteed your horse will be looked after and that they will not be mistreated.

Results guaranteed or your money back!

If you would like to talk to me about your horse to see if this is the right thing for you- please call 0212645899

We can arrange cheap transport from anywhere in the Island.
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Dunedin Lessons in August. Next weekend held at Silver stream Equestrian Centre.


All ages & abilities welcome. Problem horses welcome.

Email to book
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Tina KellockHello Just a question but are you living in Christchurch? Because I see your offering schooling for horses here. If so would you do private lessons at my place?5 days ago
Flora Smith-binghamAre there any spaces left for Friday afternoon? :)2 weeks ago
Billie Stenhouseany spectators welcome ??2 weeks ago
Kirsty DayCan I please book one for the Sunday? Preferably in the afternoon2 weeks ago
Lisa FlemingLove your story Alycia Burton- Free Riding NZ! So happy for you!7 days ago   ·  1
Tina KellockNice I will ring you over the weekend :-D4 days ago

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